Midsummer Night’s Dream(s) - Accentus English version

Midsummer Night’s Dream(s)


Carl Maria Von Weber
Oberon, Opening Konzertstück in F minor
Felix Mendelssohn
Midsummer Nights Dream

Ever-present throughout the Baroque period, fairy tale and theatre also regularly featured in Romantic works, notably by Mendelssohn, who contributed to the rehabilitation of Baroque music. Testimony to this is the celebrated Midsummer Night’s Dream, a suite inspired by Shakespeare’s eponymous play. Likewise, in the phantasmagorical overture to Weber’s opera Oberon Elves, fairies and goblins all take centre stage, while the Konzertstück, a novel all about chivalry, interpreted by Russian pianist Alexei Volodin, is full of heroic charisma.

1h40 with interval


Alexei Volodin piano
Sheva Tehoval soprano
Anna Reinhold mezzo-soprano

Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey conductor


  • Sep

    20h30 - Île Seguin, La Seine Musicale
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