Boulez, The Sun of Waters - Accentus English version

Boulez, The Sun of Waters


Pierre Boulez
Initiale pour sept cuivres

Claude Debussy
La Cathédrale engloutie

Maurice Ravel
Concerto pour la main gauche

Pierre Boulez
Le Soleil des Eaux - pour choeur et orchestre

Claude Debussy
La Mer

1h45 avec entracte

Concert broadcast live on Philharmonie Live on January 20, 2021, and pre-recorded on Philharmonie Live.

Le Soleil des eaux, a major work from its first period, inspired by René Char and reworked many times by the composer, is performed tonight in its 1968 version. The connection with Debussy is already evident, especially in the shimmering, flowing orchestral writing of the first part, when the second part is much more violent. Very different, Initiale is presented as a brass ensemble fanfare, whose energy evolves towards hypnotic depth.

Precision, objectivity of the poetic approach, a sharp sense of colour: we still find what Boulez owes to Debussy in La Mer, with its sonorous moire, its unprecedented orchestral lights, its pulverised and prismatic motifs. But the Ravelian universe, represented by the “war” work that is the Concerto for the Left Hand, is no less representative of this ethic of form and clarity, where the modernist gesture never abdicates the sense of restraint and control.


Pierre-Laurent AIMARD, Piano
Christel Loetzsch, soprano
Orchestre de Paris
Ludovic Morlot, direction
Richard Wilberforce, chef de choeur


  • Jan

    20h30 - Paris, Philharmonie Live
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